Yachting Law

Yachting and Maritime Lawyers in the Balearics

Although Almar Lawyers is a general law firm, we also specialise in the complex field of nautical law. The business forms an important part of the pan-European network of maritime lawyers. Our specialist nautical desk provides legal support for the owners of yachts, super-yachts and other vessels across the Mediterranean.

Yachting Law

Buying & Leasing of Boats

Almar Lawyers Supervises, manufactures and insures the sale of boats, from an initial negotiation until the end of the guarantee period–other than the usual period in Civil Law-. In boat leasing, and especially with the new maritime legislation, Almar Lawyers Offers its contract preparation services. As well as its proper execution with its end users.

Yachting Law

Registration and Flagging

Almar Lawyers has a close relationship with maritime institutions across the Mediterranean. Our expertise covers purchase, registration and flagging. That includes advice on whether it’s best to flag your yacht in Spain or in another jurisdiction. Our recommendations are made after meticulous study of the yacht’s intended use.

Yachting Law

Mooring Acquisition

Finding a berth is already an issue in some areas of Spain, it also is ensuring the right conditions in which it is cession or assigned. The mooring industry in Ibiza, where Almar Lawyers is based, involves different legal figures, as there is no sale of the object, but a cession of the right to use it. Our Maritime Desk will not only help you in finding one, but will ensure the process of assignment is properly carried out. Contact us now, to get your mooring.

Almar Lawyers are experts at processing legal documents for the Maritime Districts of Spain, including the Balearic Islands, Barcelona and Valencia. We can also manage your paperwork for other government administrative bodies such as tax offices and customs.

Yachting Law

Obtaining a Charter Licence

Unfortunately, in Spain, you can’t just decide to advertise your yacht is available for charter. There’s a huge amount of interrelated bureaucracy to go through including corporate structuring, flagging, tax exemptions and licensing. With our experience, Almar Lawyers is able to simplify the process for yacht owners, offering you the best combination of options to meet your needs. We offer this service to Spanish, European and non-European-flagged vessels.

Yachting Law

Maritime Labour Law

Almar Lawyers provides expert advice on all aspects of maritime employment law including: labor field reconfirms, work contracts, unpaid salaries, flags of convenience (FOC) regulations and issues. We have the experience and expertise to resolve these issues in the most efficient way, whether through mediation, arbitration, legal proceedings or yacht arrest.

Matriculation Tax (IEDMT)

At the Tax Level

Yachts flagged from countries other than Spain can face particular fiscal difficulties. Our specialist tax lawyers can advise you on the requirements you must fulfil to meet Spain’s constantly changing tax regulations in order to avoid liability for IEDMT.

Client Liabilities

We provide yacht owners with a clear strategy to ensure they know what their fiscal responsibilities are and what systems they must have in place to address and fulfil them.

Yachting Law

Ship Arrest

Almar Lawyers will support and advise you in pursuing any legal remedy to claim credit owing to you. This includes judicial procedures such as impounding or sealing of vessels and any other civil or corporate action affecting your yacht.

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