Judicial Practice

Specialist Civil and Criminal Lawyers

Years of experience have taught us every legal case and every client is different. Our team listens, then commits the time and energy to best represent you in court.

Civil Law

Almar Lawyers is one of the leading law firms in Ibiza providing expert litigation. Our services include:

Civil Liability

We provide expert advice for defendants and plaintiffs in cases that involve contractual or extra-contractual liability, including quantifying the harm incurred financially.

Debt Collection

We will help you reclaim money owed to you quickly and manage the collection process.

Traffic Accidents

We can guide you through the formalities related to any accident, including compensation claims for damage or injuries.

Rental Agreement Conflicts

Spanish rental laws and regulations are fast-changing and can be confusing. We can help draw-up contracts for housing or commercial agreements and resolve conflicts.

Real Estate Conflicts

When conflicts arise over areas such as possession, usage rights and purchase contracts, Almar Lawyers will advise you of the judicial action required for a speedy and equitable resolution.

Eviction Procedures

This is another complex area in Spanish law. We can help you ensure that you have all the correct paperwork for a favourable outcome.

Almar Lawyers provide expert legal advice. Our dedicated team is ready to put its knowledge and expertise at your disposal.

Criminal Law

Almar Lawyers offers expert services for all forms of criminal procedure in Ibiza, including negotiation and litigation in court. Our team of legal experts will work tirelessly to obtain the best outcome for your case. Typical areas include:

Traffic Offences

If you are charged with careless driving, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we can advise and represent you at the local police station or in court to ensure you achieve the best outcome

Libel & Slander

If you suffer a defamation in any form – broadcast, in print, on a website or through social media – we will assemble a legal strategy and assist you in denouncing the perpetrator.


We carry out a thorough investigation and analysis of the documents and data that are involved in your case to build up your claim and represent you in the corresponding Court.

Theft & Robbery

If you are the victim of a theft or robbery, we can help you with the legal processes and ensure you are handled efficiently and fairly.


In cases of injury, we can advise and assist you in claiming compensation as well as in any case coming before the criminal court.

Public Health Crimes

We provide professional legal assistance and representation, throughout the process for any drug trafficking related crimes.

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We are here to help you solve all your civil and criminal law problems

Contact Us

We are here to help you solve all your civil and criminal law problems